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Our Chefs are waiting to bake you a savory, homemade deep dish pizza made with the freshest ingredients, as well as zesty pastas, scrumptious sandwiches, and full-flavored salads. Just like Grandma Selma would prepare in her kitchen.

She is the grandmother of one of the owners of Selma’s Chicago Pizzeria. Selma was the family matriarch, always inspiring them with her passion for cooking and serving good food. After her kids moved out and had families of their own they would often come back to visit. Selma would always be in the kitchen preparing one of her favorite dishes. She made everything from scratch using only the finest ingredients. Her family knew this wasn’t the easiest way, but the only way to get the very best flavors. She was happiest when she was watching her family enjoy her kitchen creations. Now, two generations later, Grandma Selma would be proud to know that we are still preparing food her way! In fact, many of her long time family favorites are on our menu.

Now back to Selma’s grandson, Mike Phillips, Jr. As a young man he worked with his father, who further inspired him with a passion for cooking and serving great food. His father, Mike Phillips, Sr. was a successful restaurateur in Southern California. After all, he was Selma’s son.

So now you see…

Selma’s tradition continues right out of her kitchen, to her son and now her grandson.


  1. BirdyKirby
    19 January, 2016, 10:12 BirdyKirby

    Selmas food, drink and service are the best in Orange County!!!

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